Biography Of Sunday Olabode Popularly Known As Sunny Ola, Fantastic

Biography Of Sunday Olabode Popularly known as Sunny Ola, Fantastic is a talented and well trained singer who stands in the fore-runners of world class Gospel Music Ministers.
He is a Singer, Songwriter, Worship and Praise Leader.
He started his music in the Church as a chorister from 12 years old latter a Music Coordinator at Blessed Christian Assembly, Ijoko, Ogun state and started music career since 2011 before joining RCCG Israel Assembly LP2 HQ in 2016, with a first album titled Your Excellency. The
released songs has blessed lives, home and abroad. The most
recent is the soul lifting Song titled ‘OMO OLOGO’ which has become a household song since it’s release and a Dance song.
He is known for his “Oriki Olorun”, a heart for God.

He has two albums to his credit, titled ” YOUR EXCELLENCY” and “OMO OLOGO (glorious child)” new release.

He currently serves as the assistance Music Coordinator/
Worship and Praise Leader at The Redeemed Christian
Church of God (Glorious Parish), Ogba Aguda,



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