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GodsWill Akuobi Biography

Akuobi Godswill Onyedikachi a man driven with strong passion to see the reality of the manifestations of God in our days . He believes in the release of the transforming power of God through singing of the word of God. GodsWill is a deep worshiper, a worship leader, combophonist and a song writer was born on may 22, 1992. He is from Imo State in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He is from a family of six.

Godswill began his musical career at a young age of 7 in the children choir.
Till date, he has maintained excellence in his vocal through the grace of God.Instrumentalist. Vocals, drum and guitar


Biography Of Michael Akingbala

May 2nd.
Educational Background: Holds NCE in double major teaching music from Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education and presently running a degree course on both sights singing and sights reading.
Career In Music : Thus far, I have been in this active career of doing both the major and minor aspect of music. Over the years, I have been trained and not just to operate for a particular period of time but to do my music to the professional level i. e, to become a music coach in my area of gifting. That’s why my kind of music is quite different and with this , I can analyze my type of genre to anyone I come across in life. I started music professionally in 2007/2008 and as at that time, I could only sing highlife, juju, reggae and worror music. Am also given to pop music I. E popular music. I sing in wedding, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, burials and even in house warming but at a point in time I could see clearly that both I and the the guys I met in church we’re actually doing same thing and it looks as if we are competitive. So I prayed to GOD in 2010 and GOD said to me clearly to go and buy a guitar and start learning if truly I am seeing my self doing music in another even while am still in Rccg. So woke up the next day then went straight to the store and I got my self a mini box guitar for N9,000 in early 2010 and I went to island to make enquiry at The Mason School Of Music where I had my first fundamental music training before I could not afford the payment then I quit the course but so painful. But the guitar learning process continues as I move to Street tutorial for more knowledge where I pay N3,200 per week for learning. But today, all the glory to GOD who instructs me even as at the time when admission hits me hard for 11years some few month. Now I see music put foods on my table, pay my bills, got me accommodation all because I yielded to master’s instructions, JESUS.
Hobbies: Basket ball, and I love writing A LOT.
Inspiration :Sincerely my inspiration comes from my partner HOLY SPIRIT then he channel me to mentors that will prune me and am glad today. That’s why in all my songs written so far, I will always mention JESUS
Genre : ROCK SONGS. Heavy metal, soft rocks.

Biography: “I Never Knew It Was Going To Be Like This. All I See Is The Hand Of God” – Kaestrings

Kaestrings happens to be the rave of the season since when Nathaniel Bassey began singing his song during the ongoing #HallelujahChallenge praise sessions.

MAG got the privilege to speak with him, and carefully note that this is his season. From our conversation, we came to the realization that regardless of ones place and tools, only God can amplify ones effort.

He is still in awe of what has happened with his song in the past few days. Ga Shi Nan gained over 1000 views and downloads from our site in less than 48 hours.

Kingsley “Kaestrings” Innocent is a simple worshiper with a great God. Enjoy our conversation with him:

We know you’re Kingsley Innocent, with the stage name Kaestrings. Please tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am from Zaria and have spent my entire life in Zaria. I love music and I grew up in a family where music is loved by everyone. From a family of 7, I am the last born by God’s grace although I have an adopted younger sis so that rules out the ‘i am the last born’ thought. I have 5 female elder siblings and an immediate elder brother.
I had my primary education in Calvary Baptist School, attended two Secondary Schools, one in ABU, Zaria and then Jesus Is Life Academy Secondary school where my music development was aided especially with the friends I got to meet there. I became a Prefect and then Headboy respectively. I am currently studying Fine Art in Ahmadu Bello University [ABU], Zaria.
It seems your life has always been around church and the christian environment due to your background. Have you had any experiences where you have had to stand for your faith somehow?
I guess part of the reason you asked this question is because Zaria is muslim dominated. I have not had any personal experiences at the moment that I can recall. However, it is amazing and awesome getting to mingle with Godlovers in Zaria. The passion for God here is beautiful and it does not give the impression that there are any issues at all. Even with the crisis and persecutions, one thing with Zaria is that there is unity among Christians and Muslims. So, there’s not much issues, even when there are, it has been managed well a lot of times. Like the churches that have been burned down, they were rebuilt and even made more beautiful.
We have not yet been to Zaria but we know someone over there, Apostle Joshua Selman…
(Laughs) Oh Yessss! I work under his ministry. I am a part of the Koinonia worship team.
Looking at the feedback you have gotten from Ga Shi Nan in the past days and weeks, tell us how you felt when you realized the song was growing like wild fire.
(Giggle) First of all, I was really amazed but then I don’t know if it’s my personality but I did not let it get into my head. Everything was happening so fast and what I could see was just the hand of God and God’s mercy because this is something that I did not put pressure on or that I tried to force. I never knew it was going to happen like this. So, all credits go to God. It made me see myself presently grateful to God. I feel so happy. I feel really good about it.
What does it mean to you that many people know your song right now? Does it make you think you have to work on another song or does it give you that assurance that God hears and honors you?
It means so much to me. The testimonies and yearnings that have come from people’s comments blesses me, humbles me and makes me want to go deeper into God, to do what I used to do that produced something like this.
So, I’m trying as much as possible not to get carried away by the wave but then bend my head towards receiving and hearing more so as to have a constant inspiration from God and what he has for me.
Before Ga Shi Nan became this popular, did you get any green light? Was there a word of prophecy that you think kick started this or did you pray for the publicity it now has? Do you think something called it forth?
Ok. I had been praying for it. I did this song last year around August and was contemplating whether to make it public or not. In October I started to feel bad about it and was asking God what it was all about.
There’s actually a reason I made the acoustic version of Ga Shi Nan. One, I had it in heart that the production of the song is way beyond what I could get around. The facilities at hand was really small. When I got to the studio [Scratch Recordz], I got to realize that the midi piano was faulty and so I had to record with my guitar alone. Then I consoled myself, recorded the acoustic version and told myself the full version will be out soon (Laughs). The soon was last year but by God’s grace that soon will be soon.
It is however amazing how God has taught me through this process. How to understand his voice and call. There were times I wanted to take a step and do the full version but got a withdrawal in my spirit to sit back. Presently, how everything has gone, it teaches me a whole lot on how God operates. This God does not operate like man.
You were most definitely in the spirit cause I was going to ask, If you are to record Ga Shi Nan again would you feature anyone and who?
Of course! I am going to record Ga Shi Nan again and then I desire to feature two people on it. The two people I desire to have on it are Minister Nathaniel Bassey and Mairo Ese.
Ga Shi Nan is a really simple song. What inspired your writing it?
My total inspiration is the Holy Spirit. I had been singing the song in my spirit before knowing it. I just started to become Joyful on my inside and I could not just explain the joy. It was a Saturday and we were supposed to have rehearsal. Just some minutes before we began praying, the song came…the melody just came and I was trying to understand it but I immediately recorded it on my phone. The words just followed. I really can’t explain it. It was just the element of his spirit – Joy I could feel. You know, everyone has their ways they know and feel God, mine is the Joy I feel.
What dreams do you have as a Gospel Minister in Nigeria?
Pastor Nathaniel Bassey has been a huge role model for me. I love the consistency in ministry, what he does and how he does it. Being able to draw and receive from God, songs for times and seasons that would meet particular time.
What message would you like to give everyone who has downloaded your song?
It’s just God. Just the hand and mercies of God. I really want to thank everyone who has supported and prayed for me in every way. I want to say that they should dwell in His presence and even though situations don’t seem as we want them to be, with time we would see the hand of God.
Should we expecting any other song from you asides releasing Ga Shi Nan Again?
By God’s grace, you all will be blessed by all my songs. I am as well blessed when I sing them to myself. I have another of my song – Amazing Love.
Thank You so much for having us. We appreciate your time and pray that God who has started this good work with you will bring it to completion.
If you are yet to download Ga Shi Nan, you can do so HERE.
Also listen to his other song Amazing Love:

Pastor Courage – Supernatural | @legendcourage

After successfully winning at the CREAM platform, Pastor Courage is officially out with his official debut album Glory of Divinity. The most beautiful thing about life is GOD and what makes life amazing is the glory that Heaven pours on earth… Any man or woman who is blessed and highly favored is simply one who is operating in the Glory of Divinity…

The Glory Of Divinity is the beauty of humanity… Enjoy this album and be blessed!!!

The 13 tracks album is available in stores across the country and on all digital stores across the globe.

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Biography Of GodsTime Promise (Nigeria Gospel Singer)

Anointed Gospel Minister of God
Godstime Promise , is a Lagos, Nigeria based
Praise and Worship Leader and Multi-instrumentalist, a singer, song writer,
born into a family of 6, hails from Orsu, Imo State, Nigeria.
He is solely called into Worship Ministry with the mandate of Salvation and Healing.
He has been privileged to work very closely with some renowned Gosepl Music Ministers like
James Okon, Mairo Ese, Odunayo, Michael Akingbala, BeeJay Sax, Bukola Bekes, etc,

Born Promise Obinna, the acclaimed Gospel
music minister who hails from Imo
State released his debut Single, Otuto’. Promise Obinna popularly
known as Godstime Promise,He started music at a very tender age,
He was a chorister then ,and discovered that he is moving
forward to achieve his goals. With time, he joined a music group GTBand,
where he was trained and enlightened. This group enabled him to know more about music.
It is with the help of this group that he was able to start as a petty musician. When he started as a petty
musician it wasn’t easy but by the special grace of God he was able to overcome the fear and difficulties he
faced during the period. He never loss hope because he knew that he is heading to a greater height. God has
been showing him his blessings and protection from any form of arrow projected against him.
He left the music group in the year 2013 and started music as his personal occupation.
He was visiting Churches singing for them and show-casing his God’s given talent.

He currently serves as the Music Director/Worship Leader at The Redeemed Christian Church of God
(His Dwelling Place & Latter House 61) Lagos.
He is the President of MorePraise Entertainment,GodsTime has some Prophetic Worship Songs to his credit
(Hear My Cry, Otuto,etc., and still working tirelessly on “JESUS IS THE WAY ALBUM” Projects